Aging May Be a Fact of Life

but chronic pain doesn't have to be.

If you are among the 27 million Americans with chronic osteoarthritis, or have chronic joint pain, or if a loved is suffering from daily pain, then Dr. D. Atkins’ proven revolutionary methods for self-healing are for you. 

The Holos Touch Academy provides a holistic approach to pain and stress relief management.  

Holos is Greek for holistic and since touching/rubbing /massage is the most ancient form of healing (because it activates your body’s lymph and blood circulation),  Holos Touch courses use hands-on self-healing methods without any fancy oils or creams. You need to know what your body (muscles, tissues and joints, etc.)  feels like before you use self-applied massage so you can ‘feel’ the benefits.  

When self-massage is applied along with other self-care techniques (heat,  cold, massage roller stick, etc) you will experience subtle, or immediate, effects over time. Frequently the effects are quite dramatic.

  • You’ll experience FAST and EASY PAIN RELIEF. You can see and feel the benefits without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Learn the ANATOMICAL FUNCTION of the part of the body being massaged.

  • You have COMPLETE CONTROL of the amount of pressure with each massage stroke you apply to your body.

  • ACCELERATE NATURAL HEALING - relaxing the tissues and muscles, and releasing excess fluid that may be trapped within tight tissue.

  • Each class in our courses contain STEP BY STEP instructions in a downloadable guide, as well as videos, to enhance understanding.

  • These classes/courses are INDIVIDUALIZED. Only you can feel when and what technique feels good, and when to stop, based on you own assessment.

  • The courses are DESIGNED TO ENHANCE OTHER THERAPIES, not to replace them.

Why is this this holistic self-care method of pain relief so important now?

First, the new wave of technology keeps people chained to the computer and contributes to chronic joint pain, changes in eyesight, long hours, and fatigue and so on. 

Second, as the population ages studies suggest the incidence of osteoarthritis will increase by 40 percent by 2025. 

Third, the age of retirement has increased  and finally, further research has shown that conventional treatments for chronic pain are costly, with limited effectiveness and side effects. 

However the cost of medicine and healthcare continues to rise, and you need better, safe self-care options for your chronic pain.

Why is Dr. D. Atkins the Expert on Self-care for Chronic Knee Pain Using Self-massage?

Hello I am Dr. Dorothea (Dotty) Atkins. Because my business focused on relieving chronic pain, with massage therapy, I have massaged and educated hundreds of people in the first 20 years of my career integrating my nursing, teaching and massage knowledge. In my successful practice my clients’ pain was relieved by the end of each session, however, by their next appointment the pain had returned. As the years passed and my clients aged they complained of the following:

  • Increased joint pain and  use of over-the- counter pain pills for relief

  • Ineffectiveness and side effects of other suggested treatments

  • Chronic fear of stairs, exercise, and any complementary therapies which were creating anxiety and fears about my clients’ future.

  • Economic burden and fear of not being able to work due to chronic pain.


Then one day almost by accident, I started teaching each client that complained about their muscles and joint pain, how to self-massage to relieve the pain.  I witnessed a miracle! No more sleeping during the massage sessions, and they asked more and questions. They began to understand and feel the connection between the massage on their muscles with the pain relief they felt in their joints.

In truth, I was happy to teach while they were on the table, pointing to muscles on the wall chart, giving them little assignments to do at home to contribute to their healing.

I had the opportunity to visit several homes so I could see why they had such difficulty getting out of a chair or bed.

My discovery - most had  old mattresses, flat pillows, soft chairs and sofa cushions.

The bottom line was that not only was there not enough joint support (causing chronic pain), but they did not equate it to their pain, and assumed it was because they were getting old!

Aging occurs daily, but chronic pain doesn’t have to.

My solution? Teach them do-it-yourself self-care techniques for at-home self-management of pain.

I went back to school for a doctorate degree in order to do the necessary research to create a self-care technique - not only for my clients, but for anyone with chronic pain.

I began my 6 year research journey at Holos University Graduate Seminary in CO. My sincere desire was to create a new approach to self-care as an important complementary therapy to free people from the physical, spiritual, emotional and economical perils of chronic joint pain.

The research journey is reflected  in my 233 page  dissertation, The Effects of Self-Massage On Osteoarthritis of the Knee.

My research proved that participants who used my knee self-massage technique experienced significant changes in pain, stiffness, and knee function, over the control group. 

This revolutionary research on self-care pain relieving techniques’ has been published in three national and international magazines including The International Journal of Therapeutic Massage And Bodywork (Sept 2013). 

If YOU want to finally relieve yourself of chronic pain, just click on the courses below to learn more.

Listen to the Experts with the Massage Therapy Research Foundation Discuss Dr. Dotty's Research