Does this sound like familiar?

  • You're SICK AND TIRED of living in chronic pain.

  • You are feeling increasingly ANXIOUS or DEPRESSED with your ongoing chronic pain.

  • You are constantly AFRAID OF FALLING or climbing stairs.

  • You are afraid of SURGERY or not a candidate for surgery.

  • You've tried physical therapy and other conventional treatments with only SHORT-TERM RESULTS.

  • You're looking for other HOLISTIC or complementary options.

You’re about to learn a revolutionary proven self-care technique that will successfully relieve your knee pain.

This is a shockingly simple hands-on technique that is helping people of all ages with chronic knee pain. If you are one of the 4.3 million Americans with knee joint pain then this class will empower you to and manage your pain anytime and anywhere.

Past research has focused on inflammation or wear and tear of the knee joint as possible causes of  arthritic knee pain. This FREE ONLINE COURSE focuses on my recent research that links the quadriceps muscles as a cause of the chronic knee pain associated with knee osteoarthritis and you will  learn the technique in two easy steps.

Plus you will get added information on sleeping without pain when using firm pillows and making sure your mattress is firm.

This brand-new self-massage technique has never been taught anywhere before and is based on my ten years of research and successfully treating and teaching this this technique to thousands with empowering results. 

The benefits include  but is not limited to:

  • Getting pain relief without medication, injections or physical therapy

  • Walking without pain or fear of falling

  • Climbing steps easier

  • Learning a Do-It-Yourself method that can be done anytime or anywhere on top of clothing

  • Especially feeling hopeful and not hopeless

  • Getting control over your quality of life…

This self-care technique allows an ordinary person to go from sitting in pain to walking pain free in minutes!

What's in the course?

  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

    • Welcome to The Basic Knee Self Massage Course

    • How To Navigate The Course

    • Benefits of Knee Self Massage

    • Precautions and Guideline

  • 2

    Step 1 - Tapping

    • Tapping Benefits and the Technique

    • Tapping Technique Sequence (download)

    • Evaluation of the Strokes After The Technique

  • 3

    Step 2 - The Glide Stroke and Technique

    • The Glide Strokes Benefits and Technique

    • The 5 Principle Foundations for the Self-Massage Technique

    • The Glide Technique

    • Five Easy At Home Solutions for Chronic Pain Relief

  • 4

    What's Next?

    • Course Evaluation

    • Advanced Natural Knee Pain Relief Without Medicine

Don't spend one more day in PAIN!

Learn how to get quick, natural PAIN RELIEF in this absolutely FREE COURSE.


What Others Are Saying

"I am able to get in & out of the car much easier.  That makes it better for my job, also.” - Ron P.

“I have found the self-massage technique to be extremely helpful in reducing, and sometimes eliminating, knee pain when going up and down the stairs. I used to pull myself up and now I don’t need to do that.” - George G.

“I am less stiff upon stepping out of bed in the AM and also able to stand up from a chair quicker and with less aches.  This class definitely made me a believer in self-massage.”  - Dolores S.

“I always believed that massage could relieve pain and stiffness, but I was somewhat surprised how just self-massage of your knee could relieve the pain and help me to walk, go up and down the steps without worrying about experiencing pain in my knee. It has made life better”.  Loretta M.

“Thank you for having this class.  I noticed a great improvement in my pain level in both knees since doing self-massage. I can walk better and longer while shopping than I did before. Massage has really helped me!”  Marilyn R.

Meet Dr. Dotty

CEO and Instructor

Dr. Dorothea Atkins, Th.D, RN, LMT

Dorothea is a transformational health professional. She has integrated her over 30 years of experience as a nurse, teacher, massage therapist and researcher to develop the only proven self-management education program that is a holistic self-action patient centered intervention for anyone with chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis.

In fact, Dr. Dotty Atkins has developed, researched and taught the only published self-massage technique proven to relieve chronic knee pain. This revolutionary hands-on method for knee pain relief has empowered and transformed thousands to overcome the physical and emotional challenges of pain.

Have questions?

  • Can I hurt myself with self-massage?

    Massage or rubbing an area that hurts is a natural response. This technique of self-care has been researched and proven to be effective. The individual has control over the amount of pressure applied and can vary the number of strokes used based on his/her body’s response.

  • Why should I massage my thigh muscles for knee joint pain relief?

    One of the functions of muscles is to provide joint movement. However, if the muscles are tight they may limit mobility of the leg they are to move causing pain at the joint. For example, if you knee joint hurts when you walk, the quadriceps (thigh muscles) that move the knee may be tight. My research proved that self-massage of these muscles provided immediate knee pain relief.

  • Does rubbing the knee joint help at all?

    No, the knee joint consist of bones and ligaments, rubbing them will not relieve knee pain like massaging the muscles.

  • Are there any precautions I should be aware of?

    Yes, do not massage on injured, open wounds, or swollen and bruised areas. Also, if on medications that cause blood thinning use caution, it may cause skin bruising.

  • Does self-massage cure knee osteoarthritis?

    No, but it does relax and improve circulation to the muscles, increase joint mobility and relieve pain thereby possibly reducing the need for pain medication.

Learn 2 practical and unbelievably easy self-massage strokes

and experience an immediate decrease in pain and increase in mobility!