• Do you feel HOPELESS when your doctor says, “there is nothing more we can do. Come back when you are ready for surgery”?

  • Is your pain WORSE after exercising?

  • Are you struggling to buy the medication that DOES NOT RELIEVE or cure YOUR PAIN?

  • Are you feeling increasingly ANXIOUS or DEPRESSED with your ongoing chronic pain?

  • Are you constantly AFRAID OF FALLING or climbing stairs?

  • Are you afraid of SURGERY or are you not a candidate for surgery?

  • Have you tried using heat, or massaging your knee joint, physical therapy, or other conventional treatments with only SHORT-TERM RELIEF?

Forget about drugs for knee pain.

Experience immediate relief of your chronic pain with
Dr. Dotty's Advanced Natural Knee Pain Relief Without Medicine online course.

What's in the course?

  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

    • Welcome to the Advanced Natural Knee Pain Relief Without Medicine Course

    • How To Navigate The Course

    • Precautions and Guideline

    • Summary of the 11 Systems

    • Human Body 101

  • 2

    Tapping & Gliding Techniques

    • Advanced Techniques - Demonstration

    • Tapping with Tools

  • 3

    Advanced Techniques

    • Moist Heat - Demonstration

    • Moist Heat Sequence

    • Dry Heat - Demonstration

    • Dry Heat Sequence

    • Ice Pack Sequence

  • 4

    What's Next?

    • Sleep Positions That Cause Pain

    • Dr. Dotty's Knee Meditation

    • Additional Resources

    • Course Evaluation

We educate those with chronic joint pain seeking support with therapeutic application of self-massage for chronic knee pain.

Don't accept chronic pain.

Learn how to get quick, natural PAIN RELIEF by using the advanced techniques taught in this course.

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Pain has a function of alerting our mind when the body is in danger of harm.

Therefore, it is not the enemy - but an ally in keeping us safe.

If you are not educated (and empowered) with an approach that includes a basic understanding of how the human body functions normally in relation to osteoarthritis, how can you contribute to your own pain relief? 

In the same way, how can you manage your weight, participate in physical activity, or prevent injury if you are not properly educated with self-care techniques to practice daily? 

“One size fits all” does not fit all when it comes to chronic pain. 

Knee pain in baby boomers does not mean you have arthritis of the knee. It may be related to your job or lifestyle. Research has proven that most knee pain is referred from tight or weak quadricep muscles which move the knee. 

Dr. Dotty's self-care methods teach and empower people with simple, easy, and effective practical approaches for this type of pain.

Which is why Dr. D. Atkins created the Advanced Natural Knee Pain Relief Without Medicine online course.

Learn the miracle of self-help muscle release techniques, and continue on your natural path for a better quality of life in the comfort of your own home. 

The Benefits of Enrolling in this Online Course

  • Learn SIMPLE, STEP BY STEP instructions on how to exactly perform each of the natural pain relieving remedies.

  • ENHANCE JOINT MOVEMENT-- modify pressure to release tight muscles using a rolling pin for joint pain relief.

  • LEARN THE IMMEDIATE BENEFITS OF HEAT-imagine feeling your muscles relax and the pain melt away with one application of moist heat-- What a relief it is….

  • TOO BUSY TO EXERCISE, NO TIME TO DRIVE TO THE GYM? Choose which self-help technique is best for you in that moment to use, then relax .

  • TAKE THE PAIN RELIEF CHALLENGE AND DISCOVER NEW and simple ways to customize your own hands-on healing methods with five new ways to apply old pain remedies.

  • ENHANCE YOUR SELF-CARE PROGRAM , along with self-massage add tapping or a deep glide before going to the gym, yoga or walking. These techniques complement (not replace) your physical exercise program.

  • Achieve a DEEPER, SAFE RELEASE of tight muscles.

  • DECREASE knee swelling, enhance mobility, decrease pain, increase circulation, AND reduce muscle tension with easy to learn (and easy to remember!) techniques - many of which are as effective as a full body massage!

What Others Are Saying

"I am able to get in & out of the car much easier.  That makes it better for my job, also.” - Ron P.

“I have found the self-massage technique to be extremely helpful in reducing, and sometimes eliminating, knee pain when going up and down the stairs. I used to pull myself up and now I don’t need to do that.” - George G.

“I am less stiff upon stepping out of bed in the AM and also able to stand up from a chair quicker and with less aches.  This class definitely made me a believer in self-massage.”  - Dolores S.

“I always believed that massage could relieve pain and stiffness, but I was somewhat surprised how just self-massage of your knee could relieve the pain and help me to walk, go up and down the steps without worrying about experiencing pain in my knee. It has made life better”.  Loretta M.

“Thank you for having this class.  I noticed a great improvement in my pain level in both knees since doing self-massage. I can walk better and longer while shopping than I did before. Massage has really helped me!”  Marilyn R.

Meet Dr. Dotty

CEO and Instructor

Dr. Dorothea Atkins, Th.D, RN, LMT

Dorothea is a transformational health professional. She has integrated her over 30 years of experience as a nurse, teacher, massage therapist and researcher to develop the only proven self-management education program that is a holistic self-action patient centered intervention for anyone with chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis.

In fact, Dr. Dotty Atkins has developed, researched and taught the only published self-massage technique proven to relieve chronic knee pain. This revolutionary hands-on method for knee pain relief has empowered and transformed thousands to overcome the physical and emotional challenges of pain.

Have questions?

  • Is this course for only those who have pain?

    Everyone either has pain or knows someone they care about with pain. One you have experienced the results after following the easy directions you can suggest a safe and effective option for their pain.

  • I am not so familiar with using the computer, how can I get the information.

    The information can benefit anyone so invite others to your home or go where there is a computer and all or anyone can learn together and share how they feel after each class,

  • Should I do this instead of exercise?

    No, this is not a substitute for exercise, yoga, walking or any other complementary therapy for osteoarthritis, rather it enhances your muscles’ ability to function to allow for other types of pain relieving activities you will benefit by feeling looser and moving better when performing the exercises.

  • Is there a specific start date or can I enroll at any time?

    There is no specific starting date, you may enroll anytime. I encourage you to invite others to learn with you and perhaps start a wellness club.

  • How often should I do these techniques?

    You may modify the technique to safely suit your comfort needs at any time.

You don't need to live with pain anymore.

Learn how to get quick, natural PAIN RELIEF by using the advanced techniques taught in this course.

Get lifetime access for just $95 USD